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A typical Simshyvel


Simshyvel (Swedish: [sɪmshyːvɛl], from the German Simshobel).

Other names

Semhöfwel, Sembs Höffwel, Semsk höfwel, Sämshöflar, Säms Hyfwe, Sämsk Hyfwell[1]


The Simshyvel is a narrow plane of about 200-300mm length and 10-50mm width. The blade has the same width as the stock or slightly wider.[2]


The Simshyvel is uesd to make, adjust and finish Gesimser and Falser (Eng: Rebates) and profiles.[1]



Ansatssimshyvel is the swedish name for the Bullnose plane

Dubbel simshyvel

Dubbel simshyvel is a variant with a double iron, also knows as a Chip breaker.


Simshyvel, often called "Groda" (the frog)

This Swedish patented variant of a Rebate plane is known as "Simsgrodan" by collectors. This name has no historical source as its known simply as a Simshyvel "Grodan" in avalible literature from the period of manufacture[2][3].
It was invented and patented[4] as a door frame plane first by planemaker P. N. Lindström from Stockholm in 1905 and later improved and patented[5] by planemaker C. G. W. Nilsson from Malmö.
Known manufacturers of this plane include Lindström, Nilsson and Eskilstuna Jernmanufaktur


Vagnhyvel, not to be confused with Vanghyvel below, is the Swedish name for the T-Rebate plane.


Vanghyvel is the traditional Swedish name for the Side rebate plane and the name suggests its traditional usage in staircase building. Vang is short for Vangstycke, Swedish for staircase stiles and Vangplane suggests it was most commonly used to adjust the rebates for the steps.[6]



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