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Hér-bào (合鉋)

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Hér-bào (合鉋)


Hér-bào (合鉋)

Other names

Tuō-bào (拖鉋)


Hér-bào is the longest of the Taiwanese Píng-bào(平鉋) (Eng: Flat planes). Its length is between 450mm and 480mm, 60mm-70mm wide and 40mm thick with a thick iron towards the back of the plane.


The Hér-bào(合鉋) is a pull plane, used in a pulling manner, just like the Japanese Nagadai-ganna (長台鉋), to flaten the edges on long boards, Jointing. It is also often used on it's side to square off the edge of a board to its face.


No known variants at this moment.



Taiwanese hand plane reasearcher and historian 陳虹臻(Chén Hóngzhēn)

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