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PlaneWiki was started as a research outlet for Swedish wooden woodworking planes and have since evolved.

Why a Wiki?

The wiki format is perfect for this kind of work as the subject requires the possibility to change every detail as research goes on. This compared to static web sites that try to do a similar thing, never updating or changing is quickly outdated but often still read and referenced. This shares a similarity with books, most of them outdated by the time of printing.

Help us?

If you like to help out, you can use the contact page to request an account, send us your thoughts and comments or just send information on planes you think we should edit or change. Sources are required, preferable primary sources in regards to makers and plane specifics.

If you would like to help us run the Wiki, donations are always welcome. Currently, you will have to contact us via the contact page for this but we intend to make it simpler in the future. We will also add a list of supporters to opt-in on.