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A typical Putshyvel


Putshyvel[1][2][3][4] (Swedish: [pɵtshyːvɛl], from the German Putzhobel) is the swedish main smoothing plane.

Other names

Korthyvel[1], Släthyvel[1][2] Finhyvel[3]


The stock is of square section about 50x50mm and commonly 200mm long.
The front, toe, of the stock has a lowered step upon a front horn sits.
This horn is joined with the stock with a sliding dovetail, often nailed to not fall out.
The horn has some regional and traditional design characteristics in the shape. See the gallery below.
Depending on the age of the plane, there might be a raised tote behind the iron acting as a elongation of the bed.
The escapement is most commonly situated in the middle of the stock lengthwise.


This plane is used for general finishing of wood. It finishes everything from rough timber and floor boards to fine cabinets and furniture.


In sweden, both wooden and metal planes are named Putshyvel. The most common variation of the Putshyvel is in the way of grinding the iron. Depending on its intended use, a craftsman will grind the blade differently.


Often refers to a putshuvel with a wider mouth and a straight or slightly rounded iron for removing most of the bulk material before finishing.


Litteraly Fine plane, is a variant of the Putshyvel with a praticulary fine mouth and a straight iron for the best finish possible.



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