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Category:Taiwanese planes

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Taiwanese Bào(鉋) (Eng: planes) are classified in 5 main categories:

  • 平鉋 (Píng bào) - Flat planes
  • 溝槽鉋 (Gōu cháo bào) - Grooving planes
  • 線鉋 (Xian bào) - Moulding planes
  • 丸曲鉋 (Wán chǔ bào) - Round planes
  • 專業特殊 (Zhuānyè tèshū) - Special planes

There is also a functional classification that may be applied to most planes of all categoties:

  • 粗鉋 (Chū-bào) - Roughing planes
  • 細鉋 (Xì-bào) or 細光鉋 (Xì-guāng-bào) - Smoothing planes

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